Tropical Plant : How to Care for Tropical Plant

             How to Care for Tropical Plant

Tropical plants have personal benefits and care. All the plants have personal tricks and tips to grow better plants than any other plant. There are many tricks and tips to care for tropical plants.

Here are some steps to tropical plant care


Step 1

Choose your pot. This can be any container that will hold your plant while it grows. If you want something lightweight, select one made from plastic or resin. Those made from wood or clay may be harder to move around but can last longer. Pots should have at least one hole at the bottom. This will give room for water to move and drain through the soil freely. Place a saucer or dish at its bottom to prevent leaks.

Step 2

Buy a potting mix. Don’t simply get soil from your garden or backyard. You will need something loose and lighter. Buy an appropriate soil mixture from a store which includes fertilizer, peat moss, and organic matter.

Step 3

Determine the plant you will put in the pot. Consider where exactly in your office you’ll put the plant. Ensure you choose plants that grow well indoors under shade or with minimal sunshine. Take note of how much water or sunlight is needed and see if what it requires will suit the amount of time you have in the office to care for the plant. Assign only one plant per pot to avoid overcrowding. Have the same considerations if you’ve decided to grow your plant from seeds.

Step 4

Place the soil in your pot. Fill the pot up to about 1 inch from the top. Pat the soil down lightly with your fingers to push out any pockets of air.

Step 5


Put the plant into the pot. Dig a small hole to accommodate the root ball or base of the plant. Fill in the pot with additional soil.

When using seeds, sprinkle them onto the soil and cover with additional soil.

That’s it! You can now enjoy the tremendous benefits an indoor potted plant can offer with minimal care. You simply need to regularly water the plant, keep the soil moist but not saturated, and trim away dry leaves from time to time.


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