Five Best Hanging plants – indoor plants.

Five best hanging plants

                      Five best hanging plants

Do you know how many types of hanging plants?

There are many types of hanging plants. Hanging plants are suited on wall and any other places. All the plants are beautiful and attracted but some types of hanging plants are also used for houses walls and any other places to decorate and become attractive places. Hanging plants are most beautiful and attracted than any other plants.

Here are some types of hanging plants


Petunia is famous for its beautiful and attracted flowers and its dark green and shiny shade leaves. Petunia needs more sunlight than any other plants. So the leaves of this plant are very beautiful and attracted so the people also used n houses and any other places. These plants are relatively easy to maintain and only require occasional watering along with general care.


Portulaca is famous for it’s and leaves and colorful flowers. Hot and dry places are best places for Portulaca plant. These tiny flowers come in a variety of colours and are super easy to maintain. All they need is direct sunlight and occasional watering in order to thrive.


Geranium plant is the best plant for basket. It is low maintenance plant so the people also like and use this plant very well than any other plants. This plant founds in many different colors. They can fit any kind of space with grace. All they need is moderate amounts of sunlight, deep watering and well-drained soil.


All the people need Fuschia plant in their own houses. The Fuschia plant is no special care and it is very easy to grow. These delicate looking flowers add elegance like no other. These plants are easily infected by bugs, so make sure you keep them safe. They require moderate amounts of sun and water.


These flowers look adorable in a hanging basket, and are perfect if you are looking to hang your baskets indoors. Found in reds, pinks, yellows, purples and whites, these summer blossoms are a great addition of color to any living space. They require minimal care, just place then in an area that receives moderate sunlight and keep soil moist at all times.





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