Wax Begonia : How To car for Wax Begonia & to Grow


Wax Begonia: How To the car for Wax Begonia & to Grow

All the plants have personal benefits and care. All the plants need water but not the same water used for all the plants.  Most plants, it’s usually better to underwater than overwater. Wax Begonia plants have personal tricks and tips to grow and care for the plants.

Here are some tricks and tips for wax Begonia care.

  • Sun – In most areas, these plants will grow best in full sun, but if you live in the more tropical areas of the country, some shade may be required from the hot afternoon sun. If you find that the plants are not blooming, then more sunlight is recommended.

  • Temperature – This is a plant that does not do well in cold or freezing temperatures, so you will want to plant it where the temperature will be at least about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures that are up to 75 degrees will help encourage blooming.
  • Humidity – Wax begonias like to grow in a relatively humid environment, so if you cannot keep the humidity above 50 percent, a small humidifier may be useful for indoor plants.
  • Water – Make sure to keep the soil moist, but not dripping wet.
  • Soil – Any light, well-draining soil is going to be good for this plant.
  • Fertilizer – A fairly weak fertilizer fed monthly should work well for wax begonias.



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